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Free Netflix Account And Password [100% Working & Daily Updated 2019]

A few days ago we shared Netflix cookies on this site so you can easily access Netflix premium account in free. but some of our Visitor has faced some difficulty while using cookies, so we thought we should share the login and password of Netflix Premium Account on this site so that all users can get a Free Netflix account.

Today, Netflix has become a need for every people, but we all know Netflix is ​​a subscription-based service, it gives you a month’s free trial, after which it takes more than $ 10 a month for you if you do not renew it. Your account will be suspended.

Many people can not afford the Netflix account. That’s why we thought we should share the Netflix account with everyone so that those people who can not Afford Netflix they can also take advantage of Netflix Premium free. By thinking of this, today we will share more than 10 Netflix free accounts here, which you can easily log in to any of your devices.

Free Netflix Account And Password

If you are searching Netflix username and password, then you have come to the right place. we have shared the logging of more than 20 Netflix free accounts with all of you, so you can easily take advantage of Netflix Premium absolutely free.

As we mentioned above, today we will share 100% Working Free Netflix Premium Account with you all, so now it is time that you should share Netflix free account with everyone.

But before sharing the account, all of you have to agree to our condition. If we share 10 or 100 accounts on the same day, then people change the password of the account, so we will share the Daily 1 account so that you can quickly get the daily Netflix Premium account.

Today’s Free Netflix Account Username And Password

From today we will share Netflix account with more than five so many people will get Netflix Premium Account in free Netflix Free Account has been shared below, you can easily access all accounts.

Email – [email protected]

PsswordClick Here To See

Now many people will say that we do not get the account, then it depends on your luck whether you will get an account or not. If you come first on this site, then you can easily get 1 Month or Free Netflix Account of the year. On this site, we update the account at 11 a.m.

Free Netflix Premium Accounts Generator 2019

today we are going to share Netflix free accounts on this site if you are looking for this then you are the happiest person in the world 😜(Bad Joke). nowadays everyone a diehard fan of Netflix😊 but no one wants to buy Netflix account everyone wants it for free.

What Is Netflix

Netflix worlds no one streaming service where you can find lots of movies, web series, and many more things. Netflix has started in 1997 in the US city of California. When Netflix started, he used to sell DVDs through the mail.

When Netflix has started, only 30 workers used to work in it, and today it is in lakhs. Hastings, who founded Netflix, sold a pure software for 70$ crores,  After that he invested 25$ crores in Netflix.

Streaming service on Netflix started in 2005, and today it is the world’s number 1 streaming service. Now you can watch tons of movies, tv shows and web series on Netflix.

Netflix Features

Netflix has many features. Today Netflix has Worldwide 148 million users, out of which 138 million is Paid user with this, you can guess how much Netflix is popular streaming services. Now we will talk about what’s so special in Netflix that all the people like it.

Today Netflix is the BEST streaming service, obviously, their features will also be many, do you want to know about the features of Netflix? We know that your answer is yes.

We all know Netflix has a lot of features. That’s why Netflix is the world’s No 1 streaming service provider. Now we can not cover all the features, but we are going to share Netflix’s best feature with you all.



Today’s people like to take a trial before buying anything. That’s why Netflix also gives a one-month free trial, which is the benefit of all users. One of the best features of Netflix is Freemium, also because Netflix gives a one-month free trial to every user. Netflix gives you 1-month free trial so that you can enjoy Netflix without any charge for one month and you can cancel after one month.

But to get this 1-month free trial, you need your debit card, and you can create a free trial account with a debit or credit card, after which you will have to buy Netflix plan to keep Continue.



The app of Netflix is speedy, as soon as you download it, it opens up immediately, and your timeline gets filled with your favorite movie shows.

It looks like what you have selected, as soon as you create an account, it gives access to 5 types of users.



Many people do not have enough data, or they do not have fast internet speed, so they can not stream videos. Those who do not have fast net speed use someone else’s wifi if you are also one of them, you can also download videos on Netflix.

In it, you can easily download your favorite movies, TV shows and save it, and this gives you the advantage that when you get the time you can easily watch your videos as often as you like, your favorite film Keep watching.



Do you want to learn a variety of languages? If yes, Netflix can prove to be the best for you as many people speak, if you have to learn a second language, then you should read books in that language, but do not know the book but Netflix can strengthen your communication.

Today, Netflix is in the entire world; many languages will also be available in it. We can not tell Exact, how much communication is on Netflix depends on these movies. so that everyone will benefit if you want to learn another language, you can also learn through Netflix.


2k resolution is enough to watch any videos in high quality But if you have a high range smartphone or you have high quality LED, then you would like to see every video in 4k if we compare it from 2k.

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Netflix also gives you a choice of 4k, so that you can easily see every video on your big screen with ease in the highest quality. It is one of the best features of Netflix, with many people getting delighted with their smartphone or LED. They can easily watch 4K videos.

There are a lot more features on Netflix, but we have just told you the highlighted features. These are the main feature of Netflix.

Netflix Plan And Prices

Do you know what Netflix plans are and what is their price? If not, then there is nothing to worry about it. Now we are going to tell you the Plan and costs of Netflix.

Details Basic Standard Premium
Indian Price Month 500Inr 650Inr 800Inr
HD No Yes Yes
Ultra HD No No Yes
Number of screens you can watch at the same time 1 2 4
Unlimited access to TV shows and movies Yes Yes Yes
Cancel any time Yes Yes Yes
First Month Free Yes Yes Yes
Watch video on your laptop, TV, smartphone and tablet Yes Yes Yes

Netflix’s plans and prices different in every country. You can see the plan and price of your country in the table below.

Netflix Global Price And Plans

So now you have come to know about Netflix’s price and plan, so now you can easily select your Netflix Plan according to your budget.

Netflix Premium vs Standard

We know that many people are confused about which plan we choose from standard or premium then if you are also confused in it, for all of you, we are going to do a quick comparison between standard plan and premium plan, after that, you can easily select your plan.


If you have to use Netflix in your laptop or your tablet, then you never choose a standard plan. You will not get this feature in the standard procedure when this feature is available in the premium plan.

Now there are many such people whose whole family sees Netflix if you have such a home, then you can choose a premium plan that gives you access to 4 screens.

If we give our Opinions, then we will recommend to all of you that you always choose the premium plan, you get a lot of useful features in the different of 150 INR.

Netflix Free account For 30 days

There are many ways to get Netflix free accounts. If you do not get Netflix’s free account quickly, then you should use Netflix’s free trial.

Netflix Free Trail Everyone gets very quickly, and you have to create your new account, after that, you can easily use Netflix for a month.

So now we are going to share the complete procedure of how to get  Netflix’s free trial, follow carefully the steps given below to you.

Step 1:- first of all open Netflix in your Browser you install Netflix app in your android and ios devices from play store after that open Netflix and click on watch free for 30 days

free netflix account

Step 2:- As soon as you click on watch free for 30 days now you need to select the plan for that click on see the plan button

Step 3:- select the premium plan and click on the continue button then you need to create a new account for then again click on the continue button

free netflix account

Step 4:- for creating a new account, you need a fresh email account to fill in the email box and password box after that click on continue button

free netflix account

Step 5:- last and most important step now you need to Set up your credit or debit card. after that click on the free membership button

free netflix account

Boom! Now you get free Netflix account for a month. Now you enjoy your Netflix premium account for absolutely free with any charges. When your free trial account was going to expire One day before, cancel your membership from the Netflix settings. After that Netflix will not deduct a single rupee of your account. 😎 Enjoy!

Free Netflix Premium Accounts April 2020 [Updated]

For which you have come here now it’s time to share with you all Netflix Premium Account for Free with user name and password. From here you can easily copy the username and password of Netflix given below and you can easily access premium Netflix for free on your device 😍.

We have also shared the Free Netflix account above, but if some account does not work, then you can get the login of Daily Updated Netflix Free Account here, we update the daily Netflix account here. But for that, you have to follow a small process

Here’s the Netflix account logged in locked. To unlock this, you will have to share one of the following options to social media only then the Netflix Premium Account will be unlocked, and after that, you can easily take advantage of Premium Netflix is free.

Netflix Premium APK

If you are a smartphone user, then this trick will be very beneficial for all of you. Now all of you need first to uninstall the Netflix app and download and install the given Netflix Premium app.

After that, you will not need to take the tension of the login. You can take advantage of Netflix Premium from this app.

Netflix Free Trial Without A Credit Card

If you do not have a credit card and you want Netflix’s free trial, then you have a lot of options, one of which is a DBS bank. You can easily take Netflix’s free trial using the debit card of DBS bank.

If you do not know how to register in DBS bank and how to get a debit card From DBS Bank, there is nothing to worry about, and its complete process has given below. Follow carefully all the steps given below 👏.

Step 1:- To create an account in the DBS bank, first you need to download DBS Bank’s app on your phone. We have given the download link of this app. many people are Android users and many ios users, so the download link for this app is provided for both smartphones.

Step 2:- After downloading DBS Bank’s app, you need to install it on your phone and after installing open this app.  then click on “YES, IM IN” after that click on “SIGN UP,“ Now click on “LET’S GO.“

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Step 3:- Now you have to create an account in the DBS bank app, in which you have to fill your details. in the first step, You have to Fill Your Full Name And Your date Of birth When you fill it click on Next Button.

As soon as you click on the next button, the second step will come in front of you. in this page, you need to fill “Your Mobile Number,” “Your Email Address” and “referral code” when you load it click on the next button.

Step 4:- For verification, DBS will now send an OTP on your mobile number by copying this otp you have to fill and select your username. After you have done all this, now you have to click on CONTINUE SIGNUP  then enter your area pin code now click on “GET AN E-WALLET NOW.“

Step 5:- Wait so your account is not fully verified for the complete verification you need to attach any government proof like Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving license, you can use all of these. In my case, I am using my adder card for this.

Step 6:-Now after filing it all right, your online debit card has been created Now you copy her card number and enjoy the Netflix Free Trial.

People also ask [FAQ]

Many people have asked a lot of questions about Netflix Free Account, so now we can not answer all the questions, because many questions are similar to each other, so we chose the question which has been asked most often. If you still feel that your question is more relevant, then you can ask us again in the comment box.

How Much Is Netflix a month 2020?

Being in a full world work and all, we do not get time to watch our favorite movies on television. Netflix allows not just to watch movies but also to watch its originals. For its video streaming service, Netflix has a different pricing structure depending upon the plan.

Netflix gives us three primary monthly pricing plans, as follows:

First, Basic plan: It costs a ₹500per month. Netflix’s basic plan doesn’t provide high definition viewing. And also it’s programs can only be watched on one screen at a time.

Second, standard plan: It costs ₹650 per month. Netflix’s standard plan provides high definition viewing. And also it’s program can be seen on two screens at a time.

Third, the Premium plan: It costs ₹500 per month. Netflix’s premium plan provides 4K viewing. And also it’s program can be seen on four screens at a time.

How can I get a free Netflix account?

As you all know, Netflix is too expensive for a typical person. So to get a FREE subscription to Netflix, use these steps to get it. Before going to levels let me tell you that Netflix allows new viewers to watch Netflix for FREE for one month. After that, they automatically charge you.

First: sign up to the Netflix account by your mail. It will ask for your credit card information so that when the trial will be over, it can automatically debit your account.

Second: use the Netflix account for 28 days, then deactivate the account.

Third: Now sign up with your new Email and card to get the Netflix for FREE for another month.

Fourth: use this method for a lifetime, and that’s it. You got Netflix for FREE for a lifetime.

What are the different Netflix plans?

Following are the different plans offered by Netflix to their viewers. Let us first talk about monthly subscription plans.

First: Basic Netflix plan costs ₹500 per month. It offers only one screen viewing at a time. And also it doesn’t allow high definition viewing.  Second: standard Netflix plan costs ₹650 per month. It offers two-screen viewing at a time. And it also allows high definition viewing. Third: Premium Netflix plan costs ₹800 per month. It offers four-screen viewing at a time. And it also allows 4K viewing.

Let us now talk about the yearly subscription of Netflix. There is no yearly subscription option on Netflix. However, you can renew your monthly plans every month. The basic plan will cost you about 6000 rupees. The standard plan will cost you about 7800 rupees. The premium plan will cost you about 9600 rupees.

Does Netflix automatically take money?

Yes, Netflix automatically takes money. When you sign up to get Netflix account, they will ask you your email and payment option and which plan do you want to get. After the trial of one month, they will automatically debit your account and renew your subscription for one more month.

For example, if you sign up to Netflix and they ask you about your favorite plan, and you select standard plan then after one month of trial they will debit your account by 650 rupees and renew your standard plan.

How much is a Netflix subscription?

Netflix has different plans for different users. And they charge you accordingly. If you sign up for a basic plan, they will cost you 500 rupees per month. If you sign up for Netflix’s standard plan, they will charge you 650 rupees per month. If you sign up for Premium account of Netflix, they will charge you 800 rupees per month.

There is no yearly plan of Netflix so you will be renewed by your project every month. And they will charge you every month. Basic: ₹500, one screen at a time, no High definition viewing. Standard: ₹650, two screens at a time, High definition viewing. Premium: ₹800, four screens at a time, 4K viewing.

Final Verdict

In today’s post, we have shared Netflix free account, Netflix account generator, Netflix free trial without a credit card and Netflix premium account password with you all so, from this post you will definitely get a free Netflix account. if these accounts not working then you can check our premium Netflix cookies where you will definitely get a Netflix premium account.

Now you do not have to spend 1 rupee to take a Netflix Premium account. Now you have got Netflix’s premium account free, if yes, then we are requesting you to share this post with all your friends so that they can also get Netflix premium account free. If any of the accounts given here are not working, then you must tell us to comment in the comments box so that we can update again and you can get Netflix account in free.

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